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The Nile Project

On June 18, the Nile Project will make its UK debut at the Alhambra Theatre, Bradford, as part of Yorkshire Festival 2016. This performance will be followed by a Barbican-produced London appearance at Islington Assembly Hall.

Described as “a committed, euphoric international coalition” by the New York Times, the Nile Project brings together artists from the 11 countries sharing the world’s longest river to combine their instruments, languages, scales and rhythms in one of the tightest cross-cultural collaborations in music. The project’s mission is to inspire, inform and empower Nile citizens to collaboratively cultivate the sustainability of their shared ecosystem.


The Nile Project has designed an innovative musical process that allows its artists to self-organize by leveraging each other’s strengths in order to unearth a unique sound representative of the Nile watershed as a whole. By creating award-winning music within a participatory leadership framework, the Nile Project Collective provides a blueprint for new ways in which Nile citizens can organize themselves across sectors to generate creative and mutually-beneficial system-wide solutions in response to their shared hydro-political challenges.


Now in its 4th year, the Nile Project is growing beyond its musical program to strengthen its mission of Nile stewardship. As its musicians will be performing in the UK, the initiative will be announcing its inaugural class of Nile Fellows in partnership with universities in Egypt, Ethiopia, Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania. Rooted in the same principles of its musical collective, the Nile Fellows program aims to translate the group’s musical inspiration into an engine of environmental innovation to develop creative solutions to Nile sustainability.


Yorkshire Festival’s Artistic Director, Matt Burman, said: “We are thrilled to be presenting or working in partnership with The Nile Project as part of the epic, bold and game-changing Yorkshire Festival 2016. Expect the unexpected with world-class performances, UK and world premieres and exclusives, and even an attempt to break a world record. The Festival will reach the whole of our great, beautiful county across 18 days this June and July. Make sure you come and be part of it!”


The Yorkshire Festival is the UK’s newest international festival. It will build on the resounding success of the first edition in 2014 and promises world premieres and UK exclusives with spectacular outdoor performances as well as music, theatre, arts and dance from theatres to clubs.


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Adel Mekha / Egypt, Nubia / Vocals, Percussion

Ahmed Omar / Eritrea, Egypt / Bass, Tanbour

Asia Madani / Sudan / Vocals, Percussion

Claude Ciza / Burundi / Percussion, Vocals

Dave Otieno / Kenya / Electric Guitar, Vocals

Dawit Seyoum Estifanos / Ethiopia / Krar, Bass Krar

Endalekachew Nigusie / Ethiopia / Masenko

Kasiva Mutua / Kenya / Percussion, Vocals

Msafiri Zawose / Tanzania / Limba, Zeze, Filimbi, Percussion, Vocals

Nader El Shaer / Egypt / Kawala, Keyboard

Roza Kifle / Ethiopia / Vocals

Saleeb Loza / Egypt / Vocals


Tour Dates:

June 18                       The Alhambra Theatre, The Yorkshire Festival, Bradford

June 19                       Islington Assembly Hall, The Barbican, London                                


For more information, please contact:



[email protected]


Musicians Bios:


Adel Mekha / Egypt, Nubia / Vocals, Percussion

Adel Mekha is a widely respected Nubian percussionist and vocalist. With his knowledge of traditional Nubian rhythms and an expressive singing voice, Adel has worked with a wide range of ensembles and projects in and around Cairo, Egypt. Currently, Adel is a member of Uss We Lazq (Cut & Paste), a socially engaged Egyptian band.


Ahmed Omar / Eritrea, Egypt / Bass, Tanbour

Born in Libya to an Eritrean father and Egyptian mother, it is no surprise that mixing cultures has become part of Ahmed’s creative output. It was after a visit to Eritrea in search of his roots that Omar started to think about the relationships between African and Oriental music and began to seek out musicians from other traditions to make the music that became the Africairo project. Today Ahmed plays bass for leading Egyptian bands such as Senet, El Dor El Awal, Beshir, and Wust El Balad. Ahmed has also organized the Afri­Cairo Music Festival and is a partner and manager at the Wust El Balad recording studio.


Asia Madani / Sudan / Vocals, Percussion

Asia Madani is a Sudanese vocalist and percussionist currently residing in Cairo. Rooted in tradition, she was raised surrounded by music with a father that played oud and a professional percussionist as a brother. Asia has performed at many international festivals.


Claude Ciza / Burundi / Percussion, Ikembe, Vocals

Born in Burundi, Claude Ciza began his musical journey on traditional Burundian drums and other African percussion but his curiosity for music carried him to modern sounds. By the age of 18, he was touring Africa with Kidum and Samputu, among others. He later moved to the Netherlands where he graduated from Prins Claus Conservatory studying jazz drumming under the tutelage of Ralph Peterson and Steve Alternburg. A composer, drummer, and in-­demand teacher, Claude has toured Europe, Africa, and the US.


Dave Otieno / Kenya / Electric Guitar

One of Kenya's leading guitarists, Dave Otieno is fluent in the Benga style common to the Lake Victoria region. He has worked with The Mushrooms (of 'Kenya Hakuna Matata' fame), Suzanne Owiyo, Eric Wainaina, and Ayub Ogada in Kenya as well as Mulatu Astatke, Chachi Tadesse, Gigi, and the now famous Tsedenia Gebre Markos in Ethiopia where, in 1995, he was commissioned by the Ethiopian Government to design a recording studio for the Mega Creative Arts Centre in Addis.  Dave has toured internationally with performances at the Joy of Jazz festival in South Africa, the North Sea Jazz festival in Holland, Festival Mundial in Holland, and the Folklife Festival at the Smithsonian, Washington D.C.



Dawit Seyoum Estifanos / Ethiopia / Krar, Bass Krar

Dawit is a well known bass krar player in Addis Ababa, flexible in a wide variety of formations and styles, and also a skilled player of the traditional Krar and flute called Washint.  Dawit has toured extensively within Ethiopia representing the Addis Ababa University at Mekele, Bahir Dar, Ambo, Dessie, Nazreth, etc, as well as internationally with artists such as drummer Paal Nilsson-Love, Jeroen Visser, Mirco. Dawit is a regular member of Ethiocolor, the top Ethiopian cultural band based in Addis.


Endalekachew Nigusie / Ethiopia / Masenko

A well known masenko player in Addis, Endalekachew performs regularly at the Ethiopian National Theater, Ras Theater, and on the popular Ethiopian Idol TV show, Balageru. He has his own studio and also works as an arranger.


Kasiva Mutua / Kenya / Percussion, Vocals

Jackline Kasiva Mutua (Kasiva) is an internationally touring drummer and percussionist based in Nairobi, Kenya. Her performance style is influenced by afrobeat, zouk, samba, reggae and soul. As a young drummer, Kasiva learned traditional drums from her grandmother and continues to perpetuate her heritage and celebrate her community’s spirit.


Msafiri Zawose / Tanzania / Limba, Zeze, Filimbi, Percussion, Vocals

Msafiri Zawose is currently one of the most admired Gogo musicians today. His father, Hukwe Zawose (1938-­2003) was a musical giant, an influential figure in post­-independence Tanzania, head of a large musical clan, a master musician and one of the most mesmerizing performers ever seen. Born into a family that honors and values tradition, Msafiri is determined to preserve this rich musical heritage. Msafiri has mastered a wide variety of instruments from marimba (balafon), zeze (Gogo two­stringed violin), ilimba (pentatonically tuned thumb piano) and ngoma (traditional drums). He has a transient voice spanning a wide range of styles and sounds, transporting his listeners to a different world.


Nader El Shaer / Egypt / Kawala, Keytar

Nader Eshaer was born and raised in the coastal and musically diverse climate of Port Said, Egypt.  Having never received formal training in music, he started playing accordion at a young age, switching to Ney as a teenager before discovering a deep connection with the tone of the Kawala.   Nader is a master of Maqam, the modal musical tradition of the Middle East, but also listens to extensively and plays music from India, Turkey and East Asia. Nader has performed internatinally and all over Egypt, in events ranging from classical to traditional to Shaabi.


Roza Kifle / Ethiopia / Vocals

Ethiopian vocalist and songwriter Roza Kifle grew up listening to the sounds of her mother singing around the house and began studying music at 14. She has since performed throughout Ethiopia with Zemen Band, Millennium Band, Lubak Band, Mahari Brothers, Imperial Majestic Band among others. Roza has opened shows for legendary Ethiopian musicians including Mahmoud Ahmed and Alemayehu Eshete and has sang with Teddy Afro, Mikael Belayneh and Jah Lude.


Saleeb Lowza / Egypt / Vocals

Born in Minya Egypt, vocalist and percussion Saleeb Loza has a deep knowledge of coptic church hymns and has toured throughout Europe and the Arab world. He is currently working on Tawasol project, helping people to learn through Art.




 يلتقون لجولة افريقيا ٢٠١٦



في يونيو القادم سيكون الظهور الأول لمشروع النيل في المملكة المتحدة في مهرجان يوركشاير لعام 2016. وسيعقب هذا العرض ظهور من إنتاج باربيكان في مسرح إيزلنجتون.

ويجمع مشروع النيل الذي وصفته النيويورك تايمز بأنه "تحالف دولي متفاني وحيوي" بين فنانين من 11 دولة يتشاركون في أطول أنهار العالم ليدمجوا ألاتهم ولغاتهم ومقاماتهم وأرتامهم الموسيقية في أحد أكثر نماذج التعاون الموسيقي العابرة للثقافات تماسكا. مهمة المشروع هي إلهام وتعريف وتمكين مواطني حوض النيل في ما يخص رعاية إستدامة النظام البيئي الذي يتشاركون فيه.

صمم مشروع النيل عملية موسيقية مبتكرة تسمح لفنانيها بتنظيم أنفسهم عبر الإرتقاء بنقاط قوة بعضهم البعض للكشف عن صوت فريد يمثل تدفق النيل ككل. يوفر مشروع النيل نموذج للطرق الجديدة التي يمكن لمواطني النيل تنظيم أنفسهم بها عبر القطاعات لتوليد حلول مبتكرة وبها تبادل في المنفعة عبر النظام كرد فعل للتحديات المشتركة في مجال السياسة المائية وذلك عبر خلق موسيقى حائزة على جوائز في إطار قيادة تشاركية.

ينمو مشروع النيل وهو الأن في عامه الرابع فيما يتجاوز برنامجه الموسيقي ليقوي مهمته في الحفاظ علي نهرالنيل. بينما يعرض موسقييوه في المملكة المتحدة ستعلن المبادرة لزمالة النيل بالشراكة مع جامعات في مصر وأثيوبيا وأوغندا وكينيا وتنزانيا. لبرنامج زمالة النيل جذور في نفس المبادئ التي تحكم تعاونها الموسيقي، وتهدف إلى ترجمة إلهام المجموعة الموسيقي إلى محرك للإبتكارات البيئية لتنمية حلول مبدعة لتحقيق استدامة النيل.







عادل ميخا / مصر، النوبة / غناء، ايقاعات

أحمد عمر / ارتريا، مصر / باص، طنبور

أسيا مدني / السودان / غناء وايقاعات

كلود سيزا / بوروندي / ايقاعات وايكيمبا وغناء

ديف أوتينو/ كينيا/ جيتار كهربائي، صوت

داويت سيوم استيفانوس / اثيوبيا / كرار، باص كرار

اندالكيشيو نيجيز / اثيوبيا / ماسينكو

كاسيفا ميوتوا / كينيا / ايقاعات، غناء

مسافيري زاووسي / تنزانيا / ليمبا، زيزي، فليمبي، ايقاعات، غناء

نادر الشاعر / مصر / كولة، كيتار

روزا كيفل / اثيوبيا / غناء

صليب لوزا / مصر / غناء



مواعيد الحفلات:

18 يونيو            مسرح اهامبرا، مهرجان يوركشاير، بردفورد

19 يونيو            مسرح إيزلنجتون، البرابيكان، لندن



لمزيد من المعلومات، برجاء التواصل عبر:



[email protected]

Editors’ Notes:


  • Yorkshire Festival 2016 runs from June 16 - 3 July with preview events around the Tour de Yorkshire weekend at the end of April.


  • Yorkshire Festival is backed by Welcome to Yorkshire with government funding through the Arts Council England as part of the Northern Powerhouse initiative.


  • Yorkshire Festival will present hundreds of performances all over the county.



For further information contact:



Debbie Bradley – Senior Press Officer – Yorkshire Festival

Email: [email protected]

Tel: 01943 603311

Mob: 07740 362861


Olivia Rhodes – Press Officer - Yorkshire Festival

Email: [email protected]

Tel: 01943 603311








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