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Random Acts of Kindness at Holmfirth Arts Festival

These reviews are written by children from Battyeford Primary School who have been taking part in Creative Critics. The project encourages children’s deep engagement with art, celebrates their voices, showcases their responses and develops critical appreciation, communication and writing skills. Find out more »


Ruth - Aged 10

The Yorkshire festival presented ‘Them Two Dance’. The whole act was a lot different than I had ever seen but at the same time we had a lot of fun. 

There were two dancers in this amazing act called Katherine Hollinson and Connor Quill. They travel on a tandem called the Random Tandem around cities and towns asking for random acts of kindness for other people to do. They also did interactive duets! There was a wheel on the tandem that you spun to see what dance they would be performing. They were called: Tender Teal, Sunshine Saffron, Friendly Fusion, and even more. Connor did physical theatre and drama and comes from Leeds, Katherine did ballet at a theatre in London and is from Manchester. They met in Spain and started their magical act.

They usually work in big cities doing these outdoor performances. Random Acts of Kindness are an act of kindness that you do to a random person. What an amazing show that you can still see all around Yorkshire, just look of for a yellow bike which on it says #random tandem. This performance happens outside on the street, in the park, or anywhere else you can think of. It is strange, different, fun and #random

I would definitely recommend it to adults, children and all of the family. This show is entertaining, fun, jolly and great chance for all the family to relax together. Get your chance to see them now in Hebden Bridge this coming weekend! Don't miss them!!!


Abigail – Aged 10

On Saturday the 25th June, the Creative Critics went to Holmfirth to go and see an art piece with Random Kindness! The piece we were going to see was called Random Acts of Kindness. There were 2 people performing this piece. Their names were Connor Quill and Katherine Holliinson. They chose 4 kids to go up and dance with both of them in their duet! First they had to spin the wheel, then if you appreciated their dance you would ring the bell on the Tandem. They chose 3 adults to get up and do the performances with them as well. My favourite part was them dancing to Sunshine Saffron because the song was jumpy and I had heard of the song before, I love it!! The Random Acts of Kindness were part of the Yorkshire Festival, they might be going across Yorkshire. Don’t miss them! The songs where called: Sunshine Saffron, Tender Teal, Friendly Fusion and more. They go around to entertain people to make their day happy. They made these postcards for people to write nice things on, that in the future they might do, we got some cards and I got the last one (I think)!

I recommend this to all ages and don’t miss them!! They might be behind the block!!!


Caoimhe - Aged 11

I really enjoyed the dance Mindful Mandarin, where there was lots of lifts and random moves. You had to sit on a stool and ring the bell if you were having fun. The concept of this performance was a really good idea and I really liked the cards with the random acts of kindness in. This piece put a smile on my face and I am sure that it will put a smile on your face too. I liked the way that this was interactive and people of all ages can enjoy it.

This breath taking piece is taking part in all different festivals across Yorkshire. ‘Them Two Dance’ met in the summer of 2012 in Zaragoza which is in Spain. Connor studied dance, drama and musical theatre. Katherine studied ballet. In this pop-up duet they ask you to be kind and help them out if you get a puncture. The names of the actors were Connor Quill and Katherine Hollinson. They both had a very bubbly personality. Their clothes had an impact on their performance they were wearing yellow and white it made the performance more colourful. I would definitely recommend this for all ages.


Darragh – Aged 9

On Saturday the 25th June I went to see the hilarious Random Acts of Kindness in Holmfirth. The performers were called Connor Quill and Katherine Hollinson. They rode a bike to get to places and it is called the Random Tandem. They asked for people to come up and spin the wheel on the tandem. You pulled the brakes to stop the wheel but there was an arrow on the wheel and different colours. It landed on a colour and the colour it landed on made them do a different dance. Luckily they chose me to come up and do a dance with them.  The colour I had was pink and it was called Friendly Future. It made me feel happy it was very joyful. I would highly recommend it to all ages. It was very random and they had amazing ideas. Before the performance ‘Them Two Dance’ cycled around Holmfirth and gave people letters and they wrote down random acts of kindness for random people. I got one from a person called Michelle Brown and it said “secretly plant a flower in an ugly area to make people smile in otherwise a desolate area”. I think the concept of it is saying that if everyone did random acts of kindness the world would be a better place.


Elliot – Aged 9

On Saturday 25th of June Holmfirth Arts Festival presented Random Acts of Kindness performed by ‘Them Two Dance’.  They performed as part of the Holmfirth Arts Festival, the performers were Connor Quill and Katherine Hollinson .

They rode around on a Random Tandem that had flowers and a horn on the front whilst on the back there were two bells that made a delightful sound when you rung them.  The routine that they did was ‘Say Hello Everyone’ then they would choose someone to spin the wheel the wheel would land on a colour and that would determine a dance that they would do.

Connor is from Leeds and studied dance and physical theatre. Both of them met in Spain in 2012 and ever since have been performing together and that’s how they met. Katherine studied ballet. They are also a duet.

On Twitter you can follow them by the name #random tandem.  It is suitable for the whole family because it is joyful and has happy singing I would recommend it for everyone and everything.


Benjamin – Aged 11

As we arrived to see Them Two Dance, with Connor Quill and Katherine Hollinson, at the Holmfirth Arts Festival, it rained heavily, but the versatile performers found a way around the weather by moving into the market hall. The pop up duet and their Random Tandem carried on and did an amazing performance!

Connor Quill and Katherine Hollinson met in Zaragoza, Spain in 2012. They are from Leeds and Manchester but have moved to a smaller area.

During the performance they rode around on their tandem and came over to us, they chose someone looking kind to help them with their dance. They spun a wheel and whichever colour of the wheel the pointer landed on, was the dance they would do.

During the performance, they gave the audience each an envelope of Random Acts of Kindness to do. Normally they would ride away to a different location but because they were stuck inside, they only pretended to leave and pretended we were a different audience. They repeated this four times.

This Them Two Dance show is for all ages and extremely funny, I rate it four and a half, out of five stars.


Roxanne - Aged 11

On Saturday 25th June, the Battyeford Creative Critics went to Holmfirth to watch two amazing performers called Connor Quill and Katherine Hollinson performing as ‘Them Two Dance’. They met in the summer of 2012 in Zaragoza, Spain and will be touring all around Yorkshire this year. Hollinson studied ballet and Quill studied dance, drama and physical theatre.

In the performance they had a wheel and whenever the arrow stopped at a colour, this represented the dance they had to do. The best part was when Quill had to do a handstand.

We were all given a yellow envelope which contained a random act of kindness, mine was to help someone pack their bags at the supermarket. I really enjoyed this show.


Eden – Aged 9

When I saw Connor Quill and Kathrine Hollinson on their Random Tandem my first reaction was “woah what’s going to happen here?”.  Katherine and Connor’s interaction with the audience was outstanding. This performance would appeal to a wide range of audience.  I would recommend age’s 0 – 100.  Children would love the dancing and the singing and the adult’s would love the overall performance.  I think that adults and young adults could understand the message they to be kinder to one another which they were saying through dance and their performance.  After each performance yellow envelopes were handed out and inside there was a random act of kindness for the participant to do.  It would be interesting to know if everybody who received a yellow envelope did the random act of kindness!


Cameron – Aged 11

‘Them Two Dance’ met in the summer of 2012 in Zaragoza. Them Two Dance have made a show where two people ride around on a random tandem and they do Random Acts of Kindness.

I thought this was going to be a boring ordinary show but it wasn’t. Typically they would just randomly come up to you in public but seeing as we live in the country of England, it was raining loads, so we went into this large empty room (the Market Hall) and they did the show there!

A random tandem is a tandem which is a seater bike has a wheel with colours on it that decides what dance they do.

They pick someone out of the audience, tell them to put their hand on the break, they push the pedal so the wheel spins and you have to stop the wheel to land on a colour. Every colour is a different dance and whatever dance it lands on they will do and whoever they pick will have get involved in you don’t really have to do anything because they will control you. You have to be confident to do it because if you are not you will get embarrassed.

Every dance they did was something new to me and all of the dances they did were definitely strange and everybody would agree with me, the first dance they did was hilarious! Somebody shuck their hand and then it turned in to a really strange dance they kept on doing weird things with the person’s hands then they did just loads of other strange dances with the audience.

I recommend this for all ages but you cannot just go and see the show you have to have incredible luck to find them because they travel all around England. If you do ever see them and speak to them do a Random Act of Kindness for them or just do it for anybody else at any age, no matter what, you are doing do a random act of kindness. Even if you just give someone a hug that is a random act of kindness. It does not cost anything and it does not take up much time and you will feel much happier after please do it at least once or do it more. You will put someone in a much better mood including you, just do it? Be helpful. 

I found the show a bit boring, but that was only because I didn’t get picked! It was one of the most funniest I have ever seen, the funniest show I have seen by miles.


Evie - Aged 11

I really enjoyed the performance Random Acts of Kindness and my favourite dance Them Two Dance did was Mindful Mandarin, because it was full of interesting moves and was very fun. The performers were Katherine Hollinson and Connor Quill, my favourite performer was Connor Quill because he was the funniest and very good at dancing and singing low! They went around on a Random Tandem, and are part of Holmfirth Arts Festival also touring around Yorkshire. Hollinson and Quill met in Spain, Zaragoza in summer 2012. Hollinson studied in ballet and Quill studied in drama and physical theatre. They joined together to make Them Two Dance. On the wheel of the tandem bike they had different colours like blue, yellow, orange which had names like Tender Teal and Mindful Mandarin and Sunshine Saffron. This piece put a smile on my face and certainly everyone else’s faces. This performance was a pop up duet and made everyone want to get involved. This act I would recommend to elderly and younger and at the end they give you an envelope with a Random Act of Kindness to do. I would rate this performance a 10 out of 10 for the dancing and singing they did.


Harvey – Aged 9

On Saturday the 25th June we went to Holmfirth Arts Festival to see ‘Them Two Dance’. The performers were called Conner Quill and Katherine Hollinson. They were quite funny and a bit weird. They came on a random tandem. On the side it says #randomtandem.

They were wearing blue jeans and a yellow top. They chose some people from the audience to do a little performance for them. They had to ring a bell to show the performers if the audience is liking it .They did a thing called Random Acts of Kindness.

It is suitable for families to come and join in and have fun with their children. At the end we all got given an envelope and inside it had a random act of kindness from everyone in a café before the act. I got “Can you help an elderly by spending an hour with them and talk and listen to them?” I did mine on the 26th of June. Can you do yours on the day you get it?

It was good and I would go again to see them again but next time I would go with my family because I know they would love it like I did.


Jake – Aged 9

Creative Critics and I were in Holmfirth. We saw the Random Tandem, a pop up duet that met in Spain. They are touring all over Yorkshire in the summer of 2016. Their names are Conner Quill and Katherine Hollinsen, two people who are interactive, fun and random!

As they rode in they were wearing yellow and white jumpers and trousers with a blue tandem. They started honking their horn and ringing bells as they jumped and said “Hi.”  When they got the bike all sturdy they said their names and we all said “Hi.” As the act went on they asked for some people to help them in the act. At first the people who were picked have to spin a wheel with colours on it and pull the brake to stop the wheel.  Whichever colour gets picked they have to do a certain dance. Some of the dances were Sunshine Saffron, Friendly Future and Tender Teal. In some of the dances they did handstands and funky walking. On Sunshine Saffron two people sat down on chairs with a cup of water and one had a scarf on them. They kept saying the same thing every time they did a different dance. At the end they gave everybody an act of kindness to do. Some people had to plant a flower in an ugly place.

I would recommend this to all ages and all families because it is very interactive and fun to do.


Jessica - Aged 9

On Saturday the 25th of June I went to Holmfirth to see Random Acts of Kindness. The two people performing were called Kathrine Hollinson and Connor Quill. They called their bike The Random Tandem. Kathrine spun the wheel on the bike and it landed on teal colour and they both said it was Tender Teal. Then they did a dance. They got one of my friends up and did a really strange dance. They held my friends hand and twirled and swirled round with her. The performer that stood out to me the most was Connor. He was the most funny, more than Kathrine. They interacted with the audience. They both did a really great job. Then a boy got up and Kathrine spun the wheel and it landed on pink.  Katherine said it was called Friendly Future and did a dance with the bike. They pulled it left, then they pulled it right .Then someone’s mum came up and they had to listen to music on some head phones whilst Kathrine went outside and did the same dance as Connor who was inside. Then two people came up and did a weird dance. It was crazy!!! Then at the end everyone received a envelope which had a random act of kindness on it but she didn’t have any more for me and my friend so we got a lolly pop instead. After that a lady said to me “would you like my envelope?” and I thought that was a random act of kindness in itself!


Joshua - Aged 10

Random Acts of Kindness is a random, wonderful and interactive performance performed by Connor Quill and Katherine Hollinson and is a pop-up duet. Going round on their Random Tandem they ask you to perform as many random acts of kindness as you can, and help them if they get a puncture. You might be able to catch up with them on their bike and be asked to do a random act of kindness: help them! With random colours on their bike wheel you press the left brake it will stop the wheel and land on a colour. Those colours are yellow, turquoise, blue and pink. Yellow was an energetic performance with a few lifts and made them have a drink. Turquoise was a very slow pace and actually quite romantic for a street performance, as it involved the performer holding hands with Quill and Hollinson. Pink was one where if you got it you had to hold the bike while they perform their dance. It is one tip top performance and I would highly recommend it! Go and see them for yourself at other Yorkshire Festivals!


Lewis T – Aged 11

‘Them Two Dance’ met in the summer of 2012 in Zaragoza, Spain and hit it off straight away. They were brought together by Dance Manchester for Dance Channels, a European project involving choreographers and dancers from the UK , Spain and Italy .

Even though it was pouring it down with rain in Holmfirth, the actors would struggle to give us anything to see. So they gave us an excellent performance by coming inside and giving us the outstanding ‘Random Acts of Kindness’. I was a bit down in the dumps from all the rain because I thought I wouldn’t be able to see the show but my mood changed as I heard them saying that they would bring it back to us indoors. So as we got back we all sat down and they then came on. It was a joy to see The Random Acts Of Kindness, they put a smile to my face because they let me go with a another person and did a little dance for me and it made me laugh so I was in a good mood.

Before mine, other people participated with them as well. They got to spin the wheel on the Random Tandem which meant that they got to press the brake so that it stopped the wheel and they then did a dance on whatever the wheel arrow landed.  I would definitely recommend it to others because it such a joy. If you want to see it I would hurry up because the next performance is at Hebden Bridge Arts Festival 12-1 pm and the performances are 3rd of July.  I loved this show so much that I would definitely watch this show because it was so much fun. 


Lilia - Aged 10

I never thought that this day would be the best day ever….

We travelled to Holmfirth, to witness a dance. A random dance! At first we all thought that the pouring rain would stop the magical performance, but oh no! They found a way to satisfy our needs, all we had to do was lead the way to the market. Katherine Hollinson and Connor Quill came in on their #RandomTandem to entertain us. I bet Holmfirth felt very lucky to host this amazing show!

Some of our Critics got to be a part of the performance. They danced and they watched and they got to spin the wheel to determine which dance they did.

My favourite performance was called Sunshine Saffron. Two of our Critics got to relax and join Quill and Hollinson, as they danced to a bouncy, summertime song, which put  a smile on everyone’s face.

I especially enjoyed that Hollinson and Quill were very unique. They made up dance moves that I’d never seen before, and they were very bubbly and jumpy and they were altogether very nice.

Random Acts of Kindness is a show part of, not only the Yorkshire festival, but also Holmfirth Arts Festival. It travels around Yorkshire searching for victims to randomly entertain in the middle of the streets. They go to Hebden Bridge, Harrogate, and many other venues around Yorkshire.

This fun filled dancing adventure is family friendly and I recommend this amazing, once in a life time experience for any age - toddler to the elderly. It is such an amazing opportunity to go and see this, so if you see two strange people on a #RandomTandem then be sure to follow them to experience a magical opportunity for the whole family!


Louise - Aged 10

On Saturday June 25th I saw a spectacular show called Random Acts of Kindness which was in Holmfirth. The show was performed by ‘Them Two Dance’, made up of Connor Quill and Katherine Hollinson. They were dancers who went around on a Random Tandem and asked people to fill in a post card and put in what people could do for a random act of kindness. Then someone would get their postcard and have to do what the postcard said to do. I was really impressed by how dedicated they were to do the show inside instead of outside because of the terrible weather that had made Hollinson and Quill cancel their show for outside. They interacted really well with the audience and chose people to help them out; even the adults were persuaded to help Hollinson and Quill with their act. I felt refreshed with their act because it was so original.  They had everything including: singing, humour, interaction and of course, dance. ‘Them Two Dance’s’ background is that they met in the summer of 2012 in Zaragoza, Spain and they were brought together by dance.

At the moment the show Random Acts of Kindness is touring Yorkshire as part of the Yorkshire Festival and the Holmfirth Arts Festival. I loved the fact that Connor and Katherine did a different Random Act of Kindness each time for the volunteer and gave the audience a different emotion each time as well. The audience really liked the show because it gave them something to smile about. I thought their wheel, which decided what Katherine and Connor’s Random Acts of Kindness for their volunteer would be, was a really clever idea. ‘Them Two Dance’ are described as a pop up- duet. It could be described as street theatre as well. The colours on the wheel included: Tender Teal, Saffron Sunshine, Friendly Futurer (there were more but the audience and I was not introduced to them). My favourite part of it was the humour in the performance because it worked well in the act and it was also very funny. My favourite performer would have to be Connor because he was very funny in his facial expression, his speech and his dancing.

I would recommend it for any child and adult as it is a very friendly act and the hilarious humour in the act is very welcoming for children as they use appropriate words to make it funny.


Matilda - Aged 9

On Saturday the 25th of June I went to see Random Acts of Kindness. It was really good. It was all about kindness and happiness. Conner Quill and Kathrine Hollinson preformed the act.In the act they do different dances. To choose the different dances they spin a wheel and whatever colour it landed on they would do a dance for that colour. Quill and Hollinson met in Spain in 2012. My favourite bit was when Quill did a handstand because it was funny. They chose my Mum to get up and perform with them. She had to listen to music and watch Quill and Hollinson dance. My favourite performance was Sunshine Saffron where they danced to a happy, bouncy song which they did dance lifts in. They are touring all over Yorkshire. You can see them all over, so if you see two people on a random tandem follow them! I recommend it to all ages, even babies. At the end they gave us all a Random Act of Kindness to do on a postcard.


Max - Aged 9

Touring Yorkshire at the moment is Random Acts of Kindness, a pop up duet .The music is wonderful and the dances amazing! At the start I thought they were going to just do the Random Acts of Kindess but when the performance happened they danced and we were to do the Random Acts of Kindness at home. They were interactive with their audience by letting them join in. This street theatre piece involves people joining in with the performers Connor Quill and Katherine Hollinson. The chosen person held on to the bike while the performers did their dance. On one occasion they let the grown-ups join in. Some were shy!  In one there wasn’t any music, just Katherine doing a funny dance outside. Connor then did the same dance as her…the adults just stood there listening to music on their headphones. This was a bit strange because we couldn’t hear the music. The show changed moods throughout the different acts, it made the audience excited and then calm which made things more interesting and I loved it!!!!!!

I recommend this show to everyone, all ages. It was funny and just awesome and intensely amazing. You can now see this performance in Harrogate, Hebden Bridge and other Yorkshire Festivals… 


Olivia - Aged 9

On Saturday at the Holmfirth Arts Festival you could see Random Acts of Kindness. Connor Quill and Kathrine Hollinson tour around Yorkshire on their Random Tandem and get people to help them out with their dances. To choose what dance they do they spin one wheel and ask you to press the bikes brake and whatever colour it is they do that dance. For example, turquoise was Tender Teal.  I was invited to join in with this one. I had to hold their hands and they swapped over sides of the bike, still holding my hands to perform a hand dance! It was a bit crazy! After performing they gave me a yellow envelope which contained a Random Act of Kindness that someone had written. It said to “Find someone that you don’t know and tell them they are beautiful!!” I haven’t done it yet!  My favourite moment was when Quill did a handstand and made a funny face! He looked directly at me!

Quill and Hollinson met in Spain, Zaragoza in 2012, they have been dancing together for 4 years. I recommend this show for all families because there is no strong language and it is a bit of fun. This is a street theatre show which can pop up anywhere…you can see it around Yorkshire this summer. Find out more at


Rory – Aged 10

‘Them Two Dance’ met in the summer of 2012 in Zaragoza, Spain. For 4 years they have performed on their Random Tandem in festivals.

Although the weather was horrible and we couldn’t watch the show outside (where it is meant to take place because they have a bike) we watched it in the Market Hall. They were very interactive with the audience and young children would have really enjoyed it. One of the most interesting things was when they spin the colourful wheel they instantly said the name of the dance at the same time. Every time Them Two Dance started a new song they chose one or two people to dance with them. That’s what tells me that they were willing to work with anyone.

I really enjoyed watching the show and I bet lots of others did as well.  I would highly recommend this performance for young children and toddlers. It was quite impressive how they had decorated their tandem. Connor Quill and Katherine Hollinson were obviously really good friends and enjoyed working together. Even though they have worked together for 4 years I bet they never get bored of what they do.

I recommend this performance for children up to the age of 12.


Ruby - Aged 9

On Saturday 25th of June at Holmfirth Arts Festival, Random Acts of Kindness were performing.  The people that performed were named Kathrine Hollinson and Connor Quill and together they are ‘Them Two Dance’.  Kathrine and Connor met in the summer in 2012 in Zaragoza, Spain. They have a tandem called Random Tandem. They are travelling to Yorkshire towns and getting somebody to join in with their performance. Kathrine would spin the tandem’s wheel and the person would press the brakes and then a colour would be chosen and Connor and Katherine would perform that show. When the performance is finished you will receive an envelope and inside is a random act of kindness.  My favourite performances were Sunshine Saffron and Tender Teal. Connor really stood out to me because he was really funny and he said lots of funny jokes. Katherine was really funny too but Connor stood out just that little bit more. They danced to joyful, bouncy songs and made everyone smile and laugh.

I would recommend this excellent show to families everywhere in Yorkshire. I would rate this show 10/10.


Alex – Aged 9

‘Them Two Dance’ met in Zaragoza Spain and for 4 years now they have performed together. They perform on random tandems, a double bike, they spin a wheel and choose a song they pick somebody out of the audience and they come up, spin the wheel and pick a song and then go and sit in a chair. Even though it was pouring down with rain we still got to see the show inside on a tandem, it was a little boring because it is only songs no acting but they wrote who was starring, the people’s names like Jake or Finlay on the side of the bike. It was enjoyable for people that like dance and singing, the two friends names are Connor Quill and Katherine Holinson they are very nice people who respect you when you perform with them.   


William – Aged 9

On Saturday 25th of June we went to Holmfirth Arts Festival to see ‘Them Two Dance’. They were two performers and their names were Conner Quill and Katherine Hollinson who performed Random Acts of Kindness. They were wearing blue trousers and a yellow top. They travelled on a bike called the Random Tandem.

They chose different people to spin the wheel and whatever colour it landed on they did a random act of kindness. If you get chosen, can you do the challenge that’s inside the envelope they give you? If you get chosen they might ask you to ring the bell if you like it. Quill and Hollinson travel around Yorkshire to perform this act.

It made me feel exited and it was a little funny. I would recommend it for others and I would definitely see it again.


Harleen - Aged 9

In Holmfirth I had an amazing time watching street theatre named Random Acts of Kindness.  They are two brilliant people who came up with this amazing idea. Their names are Connor Quill and Kathrine Hollinson. This act was called Random Acts of Kindness and it was from the company ‘Them Two Dance’.  ‘Them Two Dance’ is on tour all around Yorkshire, so if you hurry you might be able to catch them and see them. It was amazing especially the Random Tandem. The Random Tandem is a two seater bike. On the Random Tandem there is a wheel and on that wheel there are some colours. The colours on that wheel have names that represent dances like ‘Tender Teal’.

Random Acts of Kindness are not only in the Yorkshire Festival but in the Holmfirth Arts festival.

So if you see a Random Tandem with two people riding it, then be sure to follow them and join in the fun.    

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