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Opera For The Unknown Woman

These reviews are written by children from Battyeford Primary School & Birkby Junior School who have been taking part in Creative Critics. The project encourages children’s deep engagement with art, celebrates their voices, showcases their responses and develops critical appreciation, communication and writing skills. Find out more »


Battyeford Primary School Reviews


Lilia – Aged 10

This night was an impeccable night, one not many would forget…

On Thursday 23rd of June, some very excited Critics went on a journey to the Lawrence Batley Theatre, to see a science fiction, multimedia, new music performance.

When the group entered the theatre I could look up to see all the astonishing outfits that hung across the walls and ceiling, I definitely thought I was in a fairy tale. We walked down into the cellar, to share our ideas and thoughts, I was especially enthusiastic, as I’d never been to an opera before so I didn’t know what to expect. I’ve never really been a fan of operas so this was a whole new experience for me and my fellow Critics.

It was time, the show was about to start and I couldn’t wait to see what was instore for us, was it going to be good? Was I going to enjoy it? Or would I just want to fall asleep in the middle of it? How was I supposed to know, I’d never seen an opera before.

The lights went out and my heart was thumping in my chest, I didn’t know what to expect of this piece. A round figure appeared on the curtain, and it started to sing, I thought it was exceptionally good, and I wanted to hear more, then it started getting louder and louder and it started to scare me a little bit, and it hurt my ears. A young woman appeared in a round ball that looked like there was no entrance and no exit, how did she get up there? Well there was no questions asked, the showed carried on going.

One by one women started walking on stage, they started moving around and dancing, in a way. I felt a connection with the performers and I felt like I wanted to be on stage, gracefully moving with the performers as they sang. Their voices were so light and gentle, just like a feather floating on the ocean.

The more they sang, the more their voices drifted me away into a land of the unknown. The lady in the ball told a story.  She told everyone in the audience that women have more rights than people think they do, she told everyone that women could be more than who they are. It was a really moving message.

The big round figures came back, they told the women about the lady in the ball, in which they had to save her from a storm. One woman Abigail Kelly, I really enjoyed her African accent and the way she infiltrated the group.

I knew that it was nearly over, the years that the lady in the ball had travelled, I thought meant that there wasn’t much time left. Near the end the women joined together, despite their differences, they worked together to save the lady, and in the end succeeded.


Abigail – Aged 10

With stars shining making us feel like we were in space, the show began with epic effects. ‘The Opera for the Unknown Woman’ was about a girl who was the only woman left in the world. She was in a moving ball and below her were women with fantastic voices. There were also heads on the curtains which were kind of freaky. At the beginning of the performance they all started singing and their voices got higher and more beautiful. Though I did get upset that the world was going to flood and we would all die, this performance was kind of powerful. This performance does have strong language in certain parts. The creator of this fantastic piece is Melanie Wilson and hopefully she will make more pieces as awesome as this. I recommend every adult and teenager should see this breath-taking performance as it was very cool and the graphics on the curtains were incredible.


Roxanne – Aged 11

On 23rd June, Battyeford’s Creative Critics went on an amazing trip to see ‘The Opera for the Unknown Woman’ at The Lawrence Batley Theatre which was directed by Melanie Wilson. When I took my seat me and my friend were on the front row, it was so cool. All of a sudden the theatre went black. It was an amazing experience to go and see this. It was emotional, their actions started soft and became sharper and sharper. It was really touching, I really enjoyed it and I give it ten stars out of ten.


Ruby – Aged 9

On Thursday 23rd June, me and the Creative Critics group went down to Lawrence Batley Theatre to watch the amazing Opera For The Unknown Woman.

It was written, co-composed and directed by Melanie Wilson and she is described as a remarkable poet in word and sound. Melanie Wilson is a theatre maker whose work combines sound and language to create powerful, poetic performances.

When it started I was a bit confused because I didn’t quite understand it. There was a little bit of strong language but other than that it was ok. It was brilliantly put together, all the singers knew where they had to be and their voices were different in volume. There was a huge white curtain and there were different pictures that were projected on to them. There was some creepy faces projected on the white curtain and they looked like holograms. All the singers sang in groups, duets, trios and solos. It was a bit emotional at times, but at the very end it was very joyful. One of the performers stood out to me because she had, at some points, a high voice and at others she had a low voice and her name was Kate Huggett. It was produced by FUEL.

I would recommend this amazing show to people over the age of 12 years old. It made me feel happy about myself.


Ruth – Aged 10

As I entered the theatre my heart was pounding, I had no idea what it was going to be like. We were going to see the Opera of the unknown Woman!

I wouldn't recommend this to children under twelve because of bad language and inappropriate words in certain moments. There includes some scary moments and loud sound effects.

This performance was written directed by Melanie Wilson and co-composed by Katarina Glowicka. The opera of the unknown women is produced by Fuel.

One thing that mostly stood out for me, were the projections on the curtain, of faces singing. I was also intrigued by a weather station, with the main cast member travelling through time. The singing was incredible and the music was amazing. I didn't like it when the cast member didn't really do anything in the dome since it is the focus of the stage.

The story was sometimes clear to see but most of the time it was hard to see. I thought the storyline was all about life and death, ladies were trying to save the last human from a large, powerful storm. The ladies have to save her and take her to them. The unknown woman was the cast member in the weather dome.

During parts of the production, it could get quite confusing and you could be curious about the rest of the performance. In some sections the faces could be quite scary and there would be loud, sharp sounds. There was also some music including a drum set and a cello. The pitch was mainly high and there was lots of collaboration between all of the performers. There were strong emotions including sadness, curiosity and confusion. Two African women stood out for me because of their accents.

Overall, I enjoyed the show and would go see it again


Eden - Aged 9

As I walked into the Lawrence Batley Theatre I felt a little nervous, but was soon put at ease when seated within my group in the stalls.  The show soon started I felt very scared and worried because of the faces that projected on the screen.  They appeared suddenly and shone from a large projector. The faces talked in weird voices and where alien like. 

The set was like a planet and in the centre above the stage there was a lady in a weather station. Down below on the stage there was a group of singers, I thought they were great. Throughout the performance they were giving messages about what would happen in three hundred years from now. 

It was all very confusing. But I did find it good because I liked the acting and singing. There was also a bit of bad language. So I would recommend it to nine years and above. 

There were eleven people in the performance. The main character fought for eleven minutes and failed in a flood.

Overall it made me feel quite strange and confused. 


Darragh -  Aged 9

On Thursday the 23rd June I went to see the confusing Opera for the Unknown Woman at the Lawrence Batley Theatre. There was these really scary faces projected on to these big curtains and when they were talking, everyone in the audience froze. The background looked like space and there was this hole in the wall and I think it was meant to be a weather device. I wouldn’t recommend it to under 5’s because it had a bit of strong language and a bit of violence. I feel like it needed some mysteries that made you sit at the edge of your seat, which made you want to know what was going to happen next.

I didn’t really enjoy it but adults would like it more. There was this one performer that was playing the drums but she used them in a different way because instead of hitting the symbols she got a violin bow and ran it down the symbols. I felt like it wasn’t fun because all there was is a hole in the wall with a woman trapped inside it. Overall it was a good performance but I wouldn’t go and see it again.


Alex – Aged 9

On the 23rd of June we went to the Lawrence Batley Theatre and we went with Birkby Junior school because they did creative critics as well as us.  We got there and we met Sarah on the cellar stairs, but we had to be silent because the other schools were having their session, so we went to the other corner and we thought of words that we were looking out for: collaboration, teamwork and mistakes.

Then we went to the audience and the lights shut off and the show was about to start.  The faces were projected on the curtains and I was curious about space and earth, because it is all about time.  I was really creeped out but I got the story in my head, then some ladies came on and played instruments and sang all about how to save the future, but then they started swearing so I covered my ears.  Then the holographic faces came up and said she will be the last woman on earth they will be a storm and it will weaken her swimming skill and be swept away by the critical floods.


Cameron - Aged 10

And the women walked off and 5 minutes later they all walked on and bowed and said thank you and then we went back to the cellar and had another workshop and shared our feelings about the show I didn’t like it because the swearing but I would recommend it to people who like musicals 

On the 23rd of June we travelled to the Lawrence Batley Theatre to see The Unknown Woman which was opera. I really wasn’t looking forward to this because I heard it on the radio and it was dreadful. Too be honest I don’t think many people were looking forward to it. I also thought it was just going to be a group of women singing loud sounds, but it wasn’t.

We walked in to the audience and the theatre was empty.  When I saw that, I knew it was going to be bad. The lights started to get dimmer, I was bored already and the show had only just started. Six holographic faces appeared (which were kind of freaky) and started talking in robotic voices.  I couldn’t really understand them much.

Later on in the show, the group of women come out on stage and above the stage was a round thing which a woman came out on to. Then, randomly there was strong language which everyone was surprised by. It kind of ruined the night, it made the show even worse.

I do not recommend this for young ages but I recommend it for people that like opera. It was good opera, but I didn’t enjoy it, I am never going to see it again. It is not worth going see if you don’t like opera.

Everybody walked back on stage that preformed and the they bowed. I think people liked it but I didn’t.


Caoimhe - Aged 11

I really enjoyed how the stage was set out it was like I was in space. I also really enjoyed the way that all the actors moved and the freeze frames throughout the piece. I did not feel that the actors communicated with each other, but every woman had a strong personality. I particularly liked the bit where they each said a word that they had in common and the actions that they did after, got more dramatic each time and more women joined in.

The start of it was creepy because of the masked people saying things I did not understand. It was very deep and dark: they were talking about stabbing people!  I would not recommend this to young children because of the strong language used and the story line was very hard to pick up.

I liked the two African women because their voices stood out!  Melanie Wilson has written it, directed it and co-composed it. Wilson wanted to have an all-female team, but ended up with one man on her team. This performance was aimed at women and not children. This was a great experience.


Elliot – Aged 9

On Thursday 23rd June I went to see the opera for the unknown woman at the Lawrence Batley Theatre. Melanie Wilson wanted a full stage of woman actors, but ended out with one man. Melanie Wilson is the co- composer and the director of the show. I did not like the show.  The main character was in some sort of space pod travelling though time. There was bad language. It is inappropriate only for people under the age of 7. It said pain relief, sex, public toilets.

The play was shocking in a really bad way and overall it was really bad.  I would have preferred for it never to ever exist.  It was also very creepy with all the white faces and weird voices, they were from the future. It was an absolute waste of time. Even more boring than a boring rainy walk.


Evie - Aged 11

Creepy, dark music filled the auditorium as actresses stepped on the stage doing weird actions. Faces projected on the screen saying things that didn’t make sense. It all seemed nonsense. The main female character was stood in a pod up in the air. Throughout the play there was a bit of strong language and not suitable for younger children. Loud noises ran through my body as she played the drums. Every women had a totally different personality and voice. Some voices could go really high and some could go really low.

This performance was very deep. For me the performers that stood out were the African ladies, they had very nice clear voices and had very nice accents. If I had to choose to go again, I wouldn’t because it wasn’t my type of music and wasn’t very suitable. The storyline was bad, and could be improved by making it clear for people to understand. It talked about stabbing and people dying. Melanie Wilson wrote this, directed it and it was co-composed by her. Overall it was an OK, unique performance and I would rate the piece a 2 star. It was mostly aimed at women.


Harry – Aged 9

On Thursday 23 June I went to see The Unknown Woman at Lawrence Batley Theatre. When I got of the coach I felt a shiver run down my spine. My favourite part was when she travelled in time and I liked the curtain, they looked like people’s faces.

Melanie Wilson is the co-composer and director of the show. At first it was a bit creepy. Some languages were different. There was a little bit of bad language .The setting was good as there was space rocks on the  stage and the curtains had 2D holograms. It was quite a short show, but it was dramatic. They were pretty good. I don’t think children would liked it, because some bits are scary.


Matilda – Age 9

In the centre of the stage there was a weather centre with a lady in it.  It was really different from the other performances because there was a weather centre.  It was really good to me when the women performers started singing and it was interesting because they were singing in different languages.  There was a little bit of bad language so I wouldn’t recommend it for little children. 

The set was like a planet with a cello on the side and a drum set at one side.  It was set out really well.  The music worked really well.  There were curtains all around the background then there was a projector projecting different things on to the curtain, such as faces, trees, stars, it was kind of environmental.  When the weather changed, the background changed as well.  The Opera for the Unknown Woman was directed by Melanie Wilson.  I would recommend it to older children and adults.  I would go and see it again.


Harvey – Aged 9

In the centre stage there was an army dressed woman in like a space pod travelling through time she went all the way to 3001.It ended in a dramatic way with only 1 quiet drum sound.

I did not like it that much because the movement was slow and there were some words inappropriate for my age. I would recommend it to people over the age of 12.  Some bits were very weird and I did not really like it that much. The main cast member was suspended in a little pod.  It was written, directed and co-composed by Melanie Wilson she is a very good writer.  There was a few bad words mixed in. The scenery was very amusing it was all about space and future. There was some huge faces giving instructions to the people on the stage because they are trying to help the main actor in the space pod.

The show was a bit pointless as I did not like it much and I don’t really like opera that much. There were bad words, so I would not recommend it to anyone with children, because if you take your children they might repeat the bad language.


Jake – Aged 9

On Thursday 23rd June I walked into the Lawrence Batley theatre and saw the show Opera for an Unknown Woman written, directed and co-composed by Melanie Wilson. She won an award for best sound design in the past. I didn’t like it when the main character was just sat doing nothing, the bits in-between scenes. I thought it was a waste of time in the overall performance.  There was a little bit of bad language which was a bit inappropriate for kids.

The set was like a little moon in the middle with curtains filling the whole of the background. Right on the left there was a big drum kit with a really big cello at the right. At the bottom there was some stuff like little rocks scattered all over.

On the curtains there were some faces that appeared and started talking to ten ladies on the stage. A teenager- like girl walked into the circle and stayed there all the way through. I’m not sure I’d recommend it, not to kids anyway.


Jessica – Aged 9

On Thursday the 23d of June I went to Lawrence Batley theatre to see ‘The Opera for the Unknown Woman’. In the centre stage was a huge circle that a lady was stood in. At the bottom there was a wide stage. Around the circle was a curtain that projected some creepy faces which looked like holograms. Then the ladies poured onto the stage really slowly.

The ladies were walking round and telling each other about themselves and after they spoke about themselves they clapped. There was a little bit of strong language and I would not recommend it to young children. When I closed my eyes I heard the beautiful voice of the ladies singing.  At the start of the show the lights went dim and loads of stars were projected on the curtain. One of the performers stood out to me she had an amazing voice her name was Peyee Chen. All of the women were inspiring but she stood out to me the most. I would recommend this to people over the age of ten. It made me feel emotional. In the middle of it all I did get a little bit bored .I think the women in the circle was trying to tell a story of the end of the world and she was the only person left on earth. I think that it was really good and I enjoyed it.


Joshua – Aged 9

You’ll have to book your tickets quickly because they’re disappearing fast!  This weird and wonderful Science-Fiction play is slightly rude so it’s a PG from me! I liked it, but I didn’t like it at the same time, so depends on your preference in music. In the Lawrence Batley Theatre the Opera for the Unknown Woman kicked off with a starry background projected onto a HUGE curtain stretching across the back of the stages. Then all of a sudden these huge heads appeared on the curtain and were talking about a failed transition to a planet called Xanadu or something!

Then a woman appeared in this sphere like thing in the background and I could just see her before the spotlight lit up the sphere she was in. I thought she was an assassin, because her outfit in the dark looked like an assassin! Then the spotlight appeared and revealed that it was just a normal person.

Next, ten women came on to the floor and started having a conversation with the heads on the curtain. Then they started doing some opera singing. It did hurt my ears because they sang really, really high. I did get a headache and my ears were wringing at the end.

I’m not saying it was bad, but it wasn’t my thing.


Lewis - Aged 10

As we walked in the Lawrence Batley Theatre we saw some weird costumes that we didn’t expect. When we walked into the auditorium we looked for our seats, we were given leaflets about the play and to see what it was all about, but I didn’t understand it.

As soon as the opera started we saw pale white faces on the curtains. This piece of opera was horrible in my opinion, it was too high pitched, it was really loud and it has strong language which I think is inappropriate for children. In my thoughts I was wondering what the storyline was to this opera. I thought it was about the end of the world or it was about a dangerous earthquake which would kill everybody. This show had instrumentalists in which was good. The thing which I enjoyed the most about this was the visuals on the curtains. What I saw on the curtains were freaky faces, forests, rivers, the countryside and figures standing on mountains. It was written, directed and co composed by Melanie Wilson. The performers are called Peyee Chen, Kate Hugget, Eugyenia Georgieva, Sophie Gledhill, Miriam Gould, Adey Grummet, Calie Hough, Abigail Kelly, Alexia Mcintosh, Patricia Rozario, Yael Claire Shamoon and Wendy Woon. Yet again I really didn’t enjoy this piece of opera. I recommend The Unknown Women to crazy people who like really weird shows at the theatre. The opera had high pitch and low pitch vocals.


William – Aged 9

On Thursday 23rd of June, I sat down on a seat and observed the Opera for the Unknown Woman.  Suddenly, when it started, faces appeared on curtains and I started to creep out.  The huge faces creeped me out because I didn’t expect it.  The faces were giving me instructions but the voice was like a robot almost.

Then a lady came out of nowhere.  A group of ladies came out from the curtains and some stood, some sat down.  I watched it closely and there was an army dressed woman who went in front of time.  The main female character was suspended in, almost the sky.  It was directed and composed by Melanie Wilson.  There was some isolated language and I would recommend it for aged 12 or over.  It’s not suitable for little kids.

Overall it made me feel bored and tired, because I didn’t get the point in it.


Lewis – Aged 11

I went into the theatre not knowing what was about to happen. As the lights turned off we all waited in silence.

A quick shimmer went down my spine because a sudden musical theme came on. Where I thought the musicians came out, completely shocked me because it turns out it was being projected by the director (who was at the back of the Lawrence Batley Theatre but was a higher level than us).

As the music came on, I thought I was in a space ship flying through space because the background was based in space. After the space music finished,  bright white faces appeared on the curtains and said stuff about the end of the world. The light dimmed and a black figure appeared in the circle. She just stood there in the dark until lots of people came onto the stage and they just stood still as well, because the bright white people came on again, talking about the end of the world or something like that. Then all of a sudden the people like got blown away by the wind and then people on the floor started getting all active and started moving around.  The women in the circle, started to light up and tell all the audience about her life style from where she was left, all the way to where she is now.

She was moving around in her circle checking if everything was alright when out of nowhere she pulled out a gun and was going to fire it, but then the people in the projector made her stop being so angry and she then put the gun away and calmed herself down. Near towards the end, the woman was in danger and she came down and just sat there eating a sandwich. All the actors went off and then came back on and bowed. This has strong language and if you like lots of music then watch this show.


Olivia – Aged 9

On the 23rd of June I went to the Batley Lawrence theatre to see the opera for the unknown woman. It contained strong language and it is not suitable for young children. It was about what the world would be 300 years from now.

At the start a woman was stood in a circle and holograms were projected and they spoke about there will be a storm.  They said to these foreign ladies that the girl in the circle was their daughter and when the storm comes she will fight for 11 minutes and then she will die. 

The play was disturbing and creepy. When they ladies found out the lady in the circle was their daughter, they did like a rhythm that they had in common.

It was a waste of time because I didn’t understand it at all! I would not recommend it to young children.


Louise – Age 10

There in front of my eyes, on Thursday June 23rd, was the strangest show I’d ever seen. It was called Opera for the Unknown Woman. There were unusual women’s faces being projected on curtains, it was spectacular and very clever. I was confused by the show and was struggling to understand it, but the message was clear enough to follow. It was about women and their part in the future, for their daughter in 300 year time. I was bored during some parts of the show, but interested in other parts of the show.

I liked the performer Peyee Chen best, because she really made me listen to her and understand what she wants her future to be.  She had a clear voice which you could understand very well. The whole production was written, directed and co-composed by Melanie Wilson. The projected faces were creepy because they looked like aliens. The set was amazing, with projected science-fiction on the curtains and gravel at the front of the stage, helped make it look more alien. I would recommend it for older viewers, but not younger viewers, as it contains mild bad language.


Max – Aged 9

On Thursday the 23rd of June I went to see opera for the unknown woman.  I hated and liked it, because there was good singing but bad language.  The sound effects where good, but they could have explained the story board better. When the show began, heads appeared on the walls and started talking to each other. Then a projection of earth was showed. After that, a woman appeared in a hole in the wall and told us about her friend. After that it took us to 2016 where some ladies where given a message about the future and had to save the human race! The end.


Rory – Aged 10

As the lights started to dim, performers emerged from behind the projection sheet and a dark figure appeared in a circle, that women was Melanie Wilson, she appeared to have found a weather station 300 years in the future.

The play contains strong language and is not recommended for young children. The play, directed and co-composed by Wilson, is not what I would recommend for anyone because I didn’t like it at all. It wasn’t the sort of thing I imagine when someone says opera. To me it was boring and lame. The show did have a story line but you had to really concentrate to get it. I don’t really recommend this for others.


Harleen – Aged 10

The show Opera for the Unknown Woman was emotional, confusing and a bit blue.  For me personally it was a bit weird. The performance took place at the Lawrence Batley Theatre.  If you went you might have loved it or maybe you might have disliked it.  The performance had projectors projecting on to the curtains, the projectors showed faces talking and singing.  The actors’ actions got sharper each time.  Some of the singing was in a different language.  For me it was a great experience because this was the first opera I’ve ever been to.  This performance had an only girl team of performers.  For me it was a little boring, I have never seen anything like this before, I just didn’t get the story. But definitely it was new and I kind of like new things.  I you like opera then I would recommend it for you.


Birkby Junior School Reviews


Aliyah Khalil - Age 10

Opera for the unknown woman was performed at Lawrence Batley Theatre .I thought the show was quite complicated and discombobulating. I saw huge faces on the curtains and it made me a little scared and I thought they looked polo graphical, strange and weird. I thought this opera focused on women and about their future and a chance for women to show that they are good enough to do anything. The sounds were unusual and weird.

I had a favourite and famous quote which was ‘we take the fire of revolution, we put it into your heart and the current of change is now she.’ They were talking a lot about revolution which I thought was important. I heard loud music and I thought that’s creating suspense, drama and an atmosphere. There were some inappropriate words but I thought they express an emotion which was hatred, anger and made me feel shocked.

This extraordinary show was by Melanie Wilson.


Bethany Spencer - Age 10

As we all arrived into the Theatre my happiness raised up, I sat down I was so enthusiastic! As it finished after the 1.5 hours, I knew it was all worth viewing; In fact it was the best play I’ve ever watched. The holograms looked amazing and set the Scene. The hologram faces were very well programmed. I could imagine how long this Opera would take to set up.

The Opera was set in the Future, so I thought it was very artistic as most plays or Operas are set in the Ancient times or Current time. I love the main message in the story as there were no Men, The message was about Women being strong too, not just Men can be Tough. The people on stage were very brave, to step up to the spectators and sing. I believe they worked very hard and we got to talk to them when we were setting off. They surprised us by meeting us, we all asked Questions.

As I was in there, they had already set up the stage, we all were scared by the loud pitches but it got the Audience into the story I thought the story was also very confusing but I finally got the message and the story, after that this Opera was ASTONISHING! I saw the circle in the middle which not every Opera thinks of, it was futuristic because of this; I love how they used their imagination to make it as much set in the future as possible. This Opera was more Promising that I anticipated.


Dua Ali Age 10

(5G) went to go visit Lawrence Batley theatre to watch an Opera for the Unknown Woman.

When we went to the auditorium we sat down for a bit then the show started, there was loud sound. A moment later these alien type people started appearing on the curtains. I got a bit scared because I didn’t know what was going on.  It made me think that women can do anything . To be honest I really didn’t enjoy it because of the loud sci-fi noise and the weird and unusual aliens but I think that I understood it a bit. it’s about women can do anything.


Amna Khan Age 10

Yesterday, I visited Lawrence Batley Theatre to watch Opera for the Unknown Woman, written and directed by Melanie Wilson. I was shocked when I walked into the auditorium and first saw the stage because there was a circular hole at the top of it. Aphera was in the hole, pushing buttons and transmitting voices. Loud dramatic music created atmosphere, a spooky feel in the air. My interpretation was that Aphera was the last sign of life on Earth, it was the year 2316 and the women from 2016 had special power they used to transmit voices into the future. Silvery alien faces were projected onto the screen, which gave the women the message and saved her by singing together.

The beginning made me feel a bit scared because, all of a sudden, loud music turned on and it hurt my ears a bit. I loved the science fiction story behind this but I think that the way they presented it was challenging, especially because it was my first opera. Some bits of the opera were inappropriate for immature children under 10 because it included swears. I thought that the main message behind this performance was that women can do anything; they can even save the earth. It was also really important that priority was given to people from different cultures. I would give this unusual puzzling experience   5/10.


Adam Nawab Age 10

Opera for the Unknown Woman was interesting because of how the women acted and how they sounded. The best thing I liked was the part where there were holograms and the aliens that were on the curtain. The scariest part was where they were fighting. The part where it showed the data was incredibly amazing, I loved that part. The best thing about it was that it shows two different languages, Arabic and English.

The thing about it was that it is all about women power. The courage they have. It is time for them to shine. I didn’t like it so much because they were using inappropriate languages but it is okay. They want to give the audience a shock. This show was great.


Ayman Rashid Age 10

Opera for the Unknown Women by Melina Wilson shown at the Lawrence Batley theatre.

I really loved it because there was all women because women don’t get a chance to do Opera and plays and that made me very proud. The music was loud but I enjoyed it and like it because it was multicultural some people think that it is bad to be multicultural but I think it is good to be multicultural. It was about women power and that women can save the earth and they are not made for sewing and cooking.

I really loved it and I would recommend it to AGES 10+


Muhammad  Huzaifa Age 10

Opera for the Unknown Women was in the Lawrence Batley Theatre I felt scared at the start of the show  because faces were popping out of the  bac ground. I got socked bythe loud sound. It had an impact on people who were watching the opera. The theatre was  very welcoming. The message was that women can do anything they want.

I would recommend this for ages 11+.


Rahand Ahmad Age 9

Last evening I saw the Opera for the unknown woman at Lawrence Batley Theatre. When it started I really got creeped out because there was some disturbing holograms on the curtains. In my opinion I didn’t really like this. I don’t know if it was the show that did it or if it was the Theatre but the air was really cool. I heard that it was all about the future!! It made me think that women can make a show because people say women can’t make a show, this show made me think that women do have a power. The melody was mostly loud. I recommend everyone should watch this show but mostly people that are into secretive stuff!!


Haaris Age 10

Opera for the Unknown Women, at Lawrence Batley theatre in Huddersfield , was amazing  and mind blowing.  It was amazing because the acting was really good, they wasn’t even shy a bit….unbelievable!   You would not believe the acting of Melanie Wilson, if you saw the acting then you would think this story is based on true events,that is how  incredible her acting was. There were  lots girls centre stage, wearing different cultural costumes. They showed what girl power is like.My point of view  is everyone   should watch it with there   parents because there bit swearing but apart from that its absolutely  AMAZING !!!


Hamza Age 10

Melony Wilsons the Unknown Woman was amazing but weird. When they started; loud music was coming from a woman. The music from the sides made me jump. The big hole in the wall looked like the moon but it was a place to stay.  It was a bit scary because sometimes the pitch of the music was low and sometimes it’s high. I think that it was about women showing their powers.  I thought it was unusual.

Haleema Age 10

Opera for the unknown woman on the Lawrence Batley theatre I was not comfortable with it. I love the setting   I the swearing   should not be allowed. They keep repeating the same line. The song was not bad but the tune was longer that gave me a headache. I saw a woman that were pretty I didn’t   get the story that much they were wearing different   clothes . I think it the power of the woman.  I enjoin   but they could make it better.


Raya Age 9

Suddenly I walked in the theatre with joy. However everyone was calm and using an appropriate manner.

However, I was surprised  and was a loud noise bang boom. I wasn’t that into it. I was discombobulated. And I was nervous and petrified when the ghostly looking faces came popping up and also it was a very thoughtful and interesting piece off acting. After a while hatred and anger happened. I was so surprised. I think the effect was the powerful woman actually doesn’t   just cook at home and sew woman are  the same as boys worrias. [when the horrifying ghostly faces came up I jumped].i loved the part when they singed  It was a really good true talent.


Jamal Age 10

Thursday 23rd June we went to Lawrence Batley Theatre to watch the Unknown Women. The beginning was very scary because it went like this budung noise and the spooky faces popping up and speaking in deep Voices. Some of the loud chorus woke me up . The women showed their power that they are good for earth.


Sara Age 10

Thursday 23rd June we went to Lawrence Batley Theatre to watch the Unknown Women. At the beginning it was extremely frightening because there were projected faces popping up and speaking in formal voices. I loved the setting and I was absolutely gobsmacked. I thought the setting was a jungle because there was  white strips dangling from the ceiling.  The ladies were singing jolly songs together.  I loved it because they moved like a mirror reflecting back at you.

The story line was basically that women have civil rights and that’s why there were no boys. The lesson is girls can be and do anything.  I believe that women have many talents not just men.  I would recommend this to ten and above because there is offensive and violent language.


Kailen Bellanfante Age 10

Opera for the Unknown Woman, which I watched yesterday on the 23rd of June, was ok. I didn’t really like it because there was something that didn’t let me like it. I concentrated   hard but I was confused because I didn’t get it.

At the start, of the opera it was scary because the music was to loud and faces came   up   that’s my opinion.


Marwa Khan Age 10

On Thursday 23rd June, I went to see Opera for the Unknown Woman at the Lawrence Batley Theatre. I was actually shocked when they swore because I thought it was for kids but they showed their feelings by swearing [hatred]. I think that it was   a bit appropriate if you were mature or older than 14.

Personally I thought it was si-fi not that much opera, but it showed that women can be powerful. I really liked the lighting because it went dark to light then dark. I loved the singing because you can understand all the words [except for the different languages] and it had writing on the screen, I really enjoyed it.

I would recommend it to si-fi fans.


Mehvesh Hussain Age 10

Opera for the unknown women Lawrence Batley Theatre was absolutely fabulous. We heard singing which was really loud. It made me feel scared because the lights came off and the loud singing made me surprised. It made me think of the Earth spinning around which made me dizzy. I thought it was confusing because I didn’t get what happened half of the time. Although I got confused the best part was when we got to see the actors which were amazing.

It made me think of girl power and how girls can save the world. It was a bit strange when there were no boys which made me confused. I loved the sound of the instrument that was played while they were singing. I love this amazing experience I would recommend it to the people who love art and visiting theatre.


Adil Sabir

Melanie Wilson’s Opera for the unknown Woman ,which we watched at Lawrence Batley Theatre, was an unusual experience. I didn’t really like it because it was a bit dull. I didn’t like the bad language. They could have taken the swear words out and replace them with something else and then it would have been better. I think all theatre should be for children.

When we came into the auditorium it was silence. Everyone was quite scared at the start. For the first 20 to 30 minutes of the story the people looked like aliens. The thing that was good was that ladies were in it so they could actually have a chance to perform in the opera. I thought the story was quite interesting even though it wasn’t the best of performances. I would recommend this to adults who are interested in art I don’t think it is for children.

This is a life time opportunity for the world



Ricordo Kolompar Age 10

Woman With The Unknown Name is an opera at the Lawrance  Batley Theatre.  I thought there was a scary part where the lady comes out of the circle. There were no boys in it. Some people might like it. I liked being out at night. I didn’t like the noise. It was noisy.


Saira Dastgir Age 10

Melanie Wilson’s Opera for the Unknown Women was in the Lawrence Batley Theatre. I didn’t like the Opera because the music was too loud. I felt scared because projected,   round, strange faces were popping up. The faces were as round as a plate. It was a good idea to have a leaflet when you start so you can have a storyline. I think they swear to show anger and to stress their emotions. I don’t like the swearing. They included English and Arabic. It was all about women being to whatever men can do. I would recommend this to people over 11 because it got strong language.


Sameer Ali Age 9

Opera for the Unknown Women was a mind boggling women experience, literally. As soon as I went in there was a total blackout my curiosity was at 100% but all of a sudden there was a LOUD bang which made me jump out of my seat. As it turned out the whole play was based on women’s civil rites, they can be as equal as men and they even save the world from climate change (I figured this out after the play).

I would recommend this over 10s (or 11s if immature) and over because of strong language content.


Sameer Khan Age 10

Opera for The Unknown Woman was performed at the Lawrence Batley Theatre in Huddersfield. When everyone arrived in the auditorium it went silent and no one was talking. All of a sudden the lights faded then the whole theatre went into black out. On the stage I saw a great big hole and I thought someone was going to smash through it. At the start of the Opera there was some music that made me felt scared because the music was very loud and dramatic. I felt tired and I found it complicated to watch and then I fell asleep.

I recommend no one to watch this performance again.


Hana Ali Age 9

Melanie Wilsons Opera for the Unknown Women in Lawrence Batley theatre was puzzling but interesting because there was a brochure that a woman gave us and the children read it before the show. We got into it the story, but when the opera finished we were discombobulated because when we read it, it was a different suggestion to the opera. When it started, all of a sudden the lights went into black out.  The music was very dramatic and it really was creating an atmosphere. When we went in the auditorium I felt smart and formal, the best thing was that the seats were really comfortable. I mainly enjoyed that women were only doing this performance because it’s a time for women to show their talents, and that there were more than on language. 

I recommend that no one should go and see this piece because I think it is too dull.


Sania Habib Age 10

Opera for the unknown woman Laurence Batley Theatre Melanie Wilson.

 I walked into the theatre and I was amazed because there was a strange and weird stage in front of me.  When the opera started I got scared of the big drum effect. They were there to link you into the story. I was interested in the pitch because when the pitch got higher and lower I began to understand the story better.

Some of the language was shocking and the director could have used a different word to show it. The director used it to express the emotion hatred and drama. There were lots of women to tell you about girl power and their civil rights. The pitch added suspense and drama to the choir. They were speaking loud and clear to get your attention.


Muhammad Attique Age 10

Opera for the unknown woman was interesting and it was a little scary in Laurence Batley. The important language was fine in film and I was too shocked to see them. I like the alien like faces because I thought they were alien spirit. I didn’t like it but it still interesting. I liked it when they put different writing on the stage. I like the argument.

They also were speaking different languages. It was telling about the past what had happen. They were speaking loud to get your attention.


Subhan Tanveer Age 10

Lawrence Batley Theatre Opera for the Unknown Woman was interesting. I found the act surprisingly brilliant and challenging for children and adults. When we sat down a LOUD noise appeared out of nowhere then that’s when the unknown woman came and everything became dark and quiet. I felt scared and cold but suddenly a group of women came and started singing about the unknown woman. They were only women’s heads, and when you looked at them you could tell they’re holographic. A group of women delicately came and started talking about how women can’t be pushed around and how important they are.

I would recommend this act to anyone .


Arzoo Fatima Age 10

On Thursday 23rd June 2016 we visited Lawrence Batley Theatre to watch Opera for the Unknown Women. To be honest I actually enjoyed  it. There were female characters who were perfectly confident and were very nice. My favourite  character was Afro because she really shone and she wasn’t afraid of anything and that’s why I liked her. It was kind of scary but I still liked it.

Only women were performing because women hardly  get the chance to perform and they are showing resistance .This made me feel calm and energetic . I would definitely recommend the opera to anybody.


Unais Ali Age 10

It was okay but the end bit made me hungry because she was eating a sandwich and when she was eating it made me I hungry and it was a bit scary. I saw lots of girls and no boys on the stage. I was very interested in it. I can see that women can save us. It made me jump. I like they songs. I really like the part when they were singing at the end.


Sakar Saleh Age 10

Last night we went to see Opera for the Unknown Woman

At the Lawrence Batley Theatre, Huddersfield. I felt shocked

Because of the light effects and how they set it out. I saw a Woman in a huge hole up stage and I thought it was surprising because of the inappropriate words they said But I still really enjoyed it. It made me think about powerful Women and that they can do anything. My opinion is that I Liked the opera because of the light effects and because of the impressive setting it was set in also the fantastic voices of the woman.

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