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Imran Qureshi – Garden Within a Garden

These reviews are written by children from Birkby Junior School who have been taking part in Creative Critics. The project encourages children’s deep engagement with art, celebrates their voices, showcases their responses and develops critical appreciation, communication and writing skills. Find out more »


Adam Nawab - age 10

Birkby Junior School

Imran Qureshi’s Garden Within A Garden was marvellous. He painted the art with acrylic paint so the art wouldn’t wash away. The blue he painted were tear drops from WW1. The splats represented blood and explosions from the battle. The flowers were influenced by Indian culture. It made me feel sadness and fear, but at the same time, it made me feel joyful and hopeful. It was difficult to think about. Imran did that on purpose because he wanted us to feel sad but not too sad.

I thought at first, the painting was for happiness but then I was sad because the painting was blue and normally I think blue was for sadness and it reminded me of WW1. Everyone should go and see these floor paintings.


Amna Khan   age 10

Birkby Junior School

Garden Within A Garden in Bradford Lister Park and City Park, by Imran Qureshi, world famous Pakistani artist, was beautiful and a thrill to visit. Not having any prior knowledge about Imran’s artistic style, I was truly amazed although it wasn’t as large as I expected. Remembering that these are meant to host new Indian gardens, I felt really safe because beauty makes me feel safe. The garden is a place of tranquillity, harmony and infinite beauty. The shapes at one end of the garden looked like the wudhu area in Pakistani mosques. This garden had a similar feel to Jinnah Garden, Lahore. Maybe, Imran has made it like this because he has Pakistani heritage and is currently working in Lahore.

I felt sad, reflective and very emotional when I looked at the art because I knew that this is dedicated to the millions of strong soldiers who sacrificed their lives in the British-Indian army in WW1. This makes me think about my ancestors who died in the war. I think the black flowers say that there is still kindness, life, beauty and hope somewhere in the world. The amazing painting was ruined by the few messy splodges which were done to represent bombs and destruction. I think that by looking at this masterpiece, you will feel very emotional.


Adil Sabir     age 9

Birkby Junior School

Imran Quereshi’s Garden within A Garden installation in Bradford Lister Park and City Park was an amazing experience. It made me feel upset when I saw the letter and it was about WW1.Even though I was upset I loved going on this trip. I thought the pictures were quite similar because they both had flowers.

It was quite interesting because I didn’t think the paintings would have been on the floor, which were beautiful .We were very fortunate to meet Imran and ask him questions.

Overall I would recommend this to the world (Even the people who don’t like art) because it was awesome.


Mehvesh Hussain   age 10

Birkby Junior School

Imran Quereshi’s Garden within A Garden installation Bradford Lister Park and City Park was absolutely amazing. We saw two different paintings on the floor (which I thought was even cooler). It made me feel upset because it went back to the WW1 when so many people died.  I thought it was meant to remind us about that.

The second piece of the painting made me feel sad because the splashes made me think of bombs and that made me scared. It had different designs like diamonds that have patterns in them. I liked the first piece because although it relates to WW1it also relates after WW1 when the sky was blue and the flowers were out. I think this will be a successful piece of painting and I will recommend it to everybody in the world.


Muhammad Attique age 10


Imran Quereshi’s Garden within a Garden installation is in Bradford Lister Park and City Park . There was good art there. When I saw it, I was so excited about the bright and dull colours. The big splashes were like blood like in the world war when people died. When I saw his second piece of art it was very amazing. On the wall it was like tears rolling down.

It made me feel sad because there were dead people. There were lots of flowers and there was nearly blood everywhere .The blood was like people dying in the World War one. I think the meaning of the blue painting was like the sky after war. I love the painting but the splashes round the painting it reminded me of war because it looked broken and messy. I think ever body should go and see the art if they have time.


Sania Habib

Age 10

Birkby Junior School

Imran Quereshi’s Garden within a Garden installation is in Bradford Lister Park and City Park. I was gobsmacked when I walked in, his painting was awesome and he had really used his imagination. The painting in City Park made me think of the beautiful sky shining brightly onto water and also I think it is about huge tear drops. It made me feel calm, relaxed and it was very peaceful to look at.

In the second peace of painting it made me think of disruption and war because on the floor there were splats that made me think of blood, bombs and gun powder. I think the meaning of the painting is, to make people think about the people that were killed in the war, and also about remembrance.

The art is successful and we should recommend it to everyone because we want to make them think about what happened in the war.



Ayman Rashid    age: 10

Birkby junior school

Imran Qurushi’s Garden within a Garden was a really fabulous experience. All his paintings were so fabulous the city park was really sad and it was peaceful the blue one did have a really big impact on me because the splats made me think of blood. The panting had really dark colours in them .i think the paintings look really opulent and it was really futuristic.  Imran loves art so much even if he wasn’t a artist he would still love art

I recommend a visit Imran’s work to anybody, I love his work.



Muhammad Huzaifa     age: 10

Birkby Junior School

Imran Qurushis painting work was so amazing! I really loved his work. I felt really serious because of the people who died in the war but on the other hand I feel amazed because of his beautiful art work. The paintings were the best art work. His drawings will have a big impact on the people who see it. The other space had waterfalls and I thought it represented the tears a war makes. I did not think that the art work would be on the floor I thought it would be on a piece of paper. I loved the way he organised the piece of art work. We are so lucky that we don’t have world wars now.

I recommend this place to anyone to come I love his work.



Kailen Bellanfante    Age 10

Birkby junior school

The thing I saw yesterday was good but not amazing. What I saw in his first painting

Light blue kind of flower well it was like   a bush flower type and it is a bit like   under the sea and sea weed it flowing but Imran   said it was the sky and sea mixed.   

It made me think about   lives and tears that people where doing but I felt like the 2nd art work was better that first.

I personally don’t like the art work because it was messy .i would go to visit this again but I wouldn’t recommend it.



Marwa Khan   Age 10

Birkby Junior School


Imran   Quereashi  Garden with in a Garden installation, Bradford, Leister Park and City Park. When we were at Garden with in a garden, we saw beautiful stylised flowers made by Imran. The first piece   we saw was blue and it represented tears .It looked beautiful but makes you feel a sad emotion.

Imran was inspired by Mexican artist Farida Kahlo. He has travelled around the world ,Canada , Afghanistan, Japan and more .He told us that the art he did on the floor represented World War 1.

It took Imran 14 days to complete Garden with in a garden.

It made me think about World War 1 because the second piece had splashes [black   , red] and in the first piece it had dark blue splashes. The work actually got to my heart because in Wold War 1 people sacrificed their lives for us.

Imran was a joyful man   , he made everything by himself with his assistance   , when we were there, he was finishing off his art work, and personally I would like him to make the second piece a bit neater because the first piece was neater but the second not so neat.

I would recommend you to go and see this place, he is a successful artist.




Hassam Hussain  age 10

Imran QUERESHI Bradford Lister Park and city park called garden within a garden.

Come visit it is absolutely fun. This was an amazing trip there were paintings on the floor. I’ve never seen a bridge that has art on it the blood represents THE WORLD WAR 1.

It makes me feel confident because I might cry and I will stop crying. the ones on  the floor it is scruffy on the floor if you use paper it is smooth city park painting I don’t like because the is the same pattern on the painting only the different thing about is the size .the splatters destroyed the painting.

I like the one in Lister Park because it has different patterns and they are on the bridge. The paintings were made to try stopping the war. War is a terrible thing of destruction. I would recommend that everyone should go and see this beautiful art work.


Raya Ali age 10

Imran Quereshi’s garden within a garden .when we went inside City Park I was terribly gobsmacked the incredible and peaceful and calm Painting is not what I was expecting.  Imran was really brave and confident. The insulated piece of art that he has been working on for only 1 and a half days. I was surprised and shocked, it made me think about the World War 1 and everyone was crying in shiny blue tears.

However when we went to the incredible Lister park I was absolutely thrilled.  Suddenly I thought in my head, this beautiful, glamorous, glorious piece of art looks like when the world war happened. The red paint represents the blood. I think the blue piece of art is when the world war ended.



Jamal Age10

Birkby Junior School

I saw the famous artist Imran Quereshi at Lister Park. Garden within a Garden was amazing There were upsetting paintings about wars that had happened. I was thinking that art was on a piece of paper but I was wrong the art work was on the floor. In City Park the blue painting was created after the war but in Lister Park it is about when the war had happened.

I recommend this to everyone . 5 out of 5 stars.



Sara  Aged 10

Birkby Junior School

`Imran Quereshi’s Garden within a Garden in Bradford Lister Park was absoloutly remarkable and amazing. The 2 paintings on the floor were truly magnificent. It was the best experience. The painting, which was big bold and blue was beautiful. It made me think of a dragon being killed .The white paint made me think of bullets and the dark blue paint made me think of big blobs of blood on the dragon’s body. It looked like birds were flying in the air trying to rescue him.

I saw white and black paintings which had flowers and I hated it. It looks like the flowers are ruined because war is coming. The flowers looked ruined because maybe a syndrome was spilt on it. I thought the paintings would be on paper however they were on the floor. The first painting was better because it made me happy. I would recommend this Garden within a Garden trip to everyone. Five out of five stars.


Sameer Ali

Birkby Junior School

Yesterday on the 20th June I saw Imran  qureshi’s newest bit of work (visual)Garden within A Garden in Bradford Lister park this painting was absouloutly  breath taking , It didn’t seem much at first, as I got a closer look I was gobsmacked . I couldn’t believe it was hand painted. The black and white contracted each other and made the shade of white even more vibrant the black reminded me of gunpowder and red which made a violent impression of blood.

Personally I would recommend this to all people and this is perfect for visual artists.



Saira Dastgir    age 10

Birkby junior school

Imran Qureshi’s   A Garden within A Garden installation Bradford Lister Park and City park. I wasn’t expecting the art to be on the floor. It was very vibrant, the surface was very bumpy .it made me feel calm because beautiful thing make me calm.  I think it   might be permeate because it has being raining.

The surface is different because city park was rocky and Lister park was made me feel happy and sad because red stand for love and blood. I feel weird knowing the artist is next to me. Imran   was inspired by Frieda carol and David hockey. He made stylised flower petals   rather than a specific style. I liked Lister park more because it was black and white, there was no colour. I would recommend it to everyone.


Sameer Khan     Age 10

Birkby Junior School

Imran Quereshi’s Garden within a Garden installation is in Bradford at the Lister and City Park. I was very thrilled to see Imran Quereshi’s art and meet Imran himself n Bradford. Imran’s art work at the City Park. I didn’t really like it because of all his flowers were beautiful but all the slashes of blue ruined it because the flowers were well-shaped and lovely but the blue that was thrown on top which made it look messy. The blue in the first piece we looked at me think about tears because tears are blue.


At Lister Park there was another piece of floor painting, which I thought was based on Remembrance Day because there was loads of red that I thought represented the poppy on the soldiers who fought for Great Britain. I loved the second piece much better because it had 3 different colours on them to make me think about how hard the soldiers fought for Great Britain.

I think everyone should go to Bradford to look at Imran Quereshi’s art because it is amazing art work!!!!!!



Hana Ali Age 9

Birkby Junior School

Imran Quereshi’s Garden within a Garden piece in Bradford Lister Park and City Park was amazing and was the most beautiful beautiful piece of art because there were bright and dull colours because of World War 1 and Indian war.

There were really peaceful and quiet colours. (I really enjoyed it} But at the same time I was unhappy because of the world war. In my opinion, Imran Quereshi was really thinking about history. (The wars of the world)

In the first piece I really thought about why he has made this piece because all of the beautiful flowers and splats. I saw pretty Indian flowers (which are called miniature painting) I was interested in the first piece but I was really confused at first because why has he painted it in blue It represented tears because lots of people died. Imran is trying to say that how looky we are and how terrible war is.

In the second piece I thought that it is really beautiful and isolated. The painting was so unbelievably beautiful but there was one thing the black tiles that have been painted is a bit too dark.

I think everyone should go and see the first one (if they have a chance)


Subhan Tanveer       Age 10

Imran Garden within a garden installation in Bradford  Lister park and city park. I saw a brilliant panting of art in a large round circle. It was beautiful and each flower was slightly different. The colours were Safier blue and vilot. It made me feel serious  and sentimental at the same time. It made me think of the stars when I saw the wonderful  blue flowers. This painting is the most emotional painting I have ever seen. I like the painting because it really you think about what happen in World war 1. War only leads to destruction and that is why he put splats on his painting.

I think everyone should see his art work.



Arzoo Fatima          Age:10

At Bradford Lister park it was beautiful and quite serious too.  The first piece of artwork we saw was a light blue with big splashes of navy blue. At first I thought it wasn’t representing war but it did. The second work of art was amazing and it was so cool watching Imran working. The piece he was working on made me think about war because there were big strokes and splashes of red that made me also think of blood. Another thing that I noticed is that he used Acrylic paint.

The texture of both pieces of art were both very different and unique but they were both pieces of very lovely art. Imran was trying to make the world a better place. The meaning of the artwork is to make us realize how lucky we are and how terrible war is. War only leads to destruction and that is why Imran destroyed his painting with red paint. I would definitely recommend this place to everyone if they get a chance.


Zainab   Farooq   10 year old

Birkby   Junior School 

Imran  Quereshi’s   Garden with in Garden   installation was at Bradford Lister Park and City Park.   

I saw a beautiful flower but the colour blue in it was like water. Flowers are nature, beauty, life, hope. I felt  so amazed because I didn’t know that all his art was on the floor because I thought that it was it going to be on paper but I was wrong .It felt like I was in a dream .It was like world War 1, the people who  died, and I felt upset for them . But also the picture changed as we looked closer to it rather than looking at the side. I can’t believe that I saw Imaran Quershi himself.

I love the Garden with in Garden because I never saw water with art.The part I think was awesome was the splashed paint . He might have done it so we think about feeling that blood is dripping down. The flower was like it was growing up.

I believe that everyone should come to see the art because it is an amazing thing to see.


Ricardo Kolompar    aged 10

Birkby Junior School

My class climbed onto the bus to Lister Park and City Park in Bradford. We went to see Imran Quereshi’s Garden within a Garden. The blue one was thinking me happy.  The black one, no. It makes me feel upset. A good day. I would go back. Is it him in Greenhead Park? 





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