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Creative Critics

Seeing, doing, knowing is an arts intervention to develop confidence in art criticism among children.

Poetry / Spoken Word / Creative Writing Event

The project encourages children’s deep engagement with art, celebrates their voices, showcases their responses and develops critical appreciation, communication and writing skills.

The project comes to Yorkshire Festival, directed by Christina Birt Projects, in co-production with Company of Angels and delivered in partnership with Battyeford Primary School, Birkby Junior School and the Yorkshire Post.

The young critics are attending performances during the festival and are produce reviews which will be available in The Yorkshire Post online and on the Yorkshire Festival website.

Reviews for Imran Qureshi's Garden Within a Garden can be read here.

Reviews for The Nile Project can be read here.

Reviews for Random Acts of Kindness at Holmfirth Arts Festival can be read here.

Reviews for Opera for the Unknown Woman can be read here.

Seeing, doing, knowing provides children with a landscape to discuss art “paying close attention to it, trying to capture it in words had clearly given them a genuine sense of ownership over what they had seen... confidence to trust their own curiosity, their own reactions”. Judith Mackrell, The Guardian

Image credit: Yvonne Roberts





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Please contact Company of Angels for more information on 0207 928 2811

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Company of Angels fosters and produces challenging theatre for and with young people and the adults in their lives. We nurture the next generation of artists. We bring plays, artists and ideas from Europe. We engage with a range of artistic forms within and beyond theatre making.

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