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Headline Event.
Headline Event.

Big Disco

In collaboration with Duke Studio, Newsubstance and Bestival

Get on your dancing shoes and join Big Disco for a party under the world’s largest disco ball!

Music,Outdoor Event

The world’s biggest disco ball is coming!

At 10.33m in diameter, it’s the same size as a three storey house or two adult T-Rex. Suspended from a crane above Duke Studios in Leeds while thousands of people dance to the same track, at the same time, at parties across Yorkshire - this fantastic project aims to set a new world record.

The track will be chosen by public vote from a top ten tracklist, selected by DJs, Leeds legends and music industry professionals. Throughout Yorkshire, from nurseries to nursing homes, we want everyone to throw a party. As part of the project, cardboard boxes containing all you need to create your own ‘Little Disco’ will be distributed to get the whole county dancing.

Go to to download your disco kit and get everything you need to be involved in the world’s biggest party! Join in the fun on 1st July and be part of it in a world record setting attempt.

Commissioned by Yorkshire Festival. The Big Disco Ball was designed and built by NEWSUBSTANCE and is on loan from Bestival.

Duke Studios

No 3 Sheaf St, Leeds , LS10 1HD

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from £10

10-16 £6

from £10

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In collaboration with Duke Studio, Newsubstance and Bestival
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