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Yorkshire Festival returns! 16 June - 3 July

We're delighted to be back and we're very pleased to announce the first shows at Yorkshire Festival 2016!

Plus - win a VIP Yorkshire Festival Experience for two.

First off we're aiming for a world record breaking dance event. Big Disco will see the world’s largest disco ball (10.33m diameter), on loan from Bestival, suspended from a crane above Duke Studios in Leeds while more than 20,000 people dance to the same track, at the same time, at parties across Yorkshire.

Festival organisers, in collaboration with Duke Studios and NEWSUBSTANCE, want to set a world record with an event that will see the public vote for the winning disco track chosen from a top ten selected by DJs and clubs. This will start the county dancing at 7pm on 1 July.

Disco Ball World Record Victor Frankowski 5B Dvf73295d 1

Little Disco, a kit with everything needed to join the world’s biggest party, will be sent out to anyone who wants to get involved. (Disco ball photo: Victor Frankowski)

In Bradford on the opening weekend there will be a UK-exclusive performance by The Nile Project featuring an incredible collaboration between musicians from 11 countries along the Nile. Described as ‘euphoric’ by the New York Times, this European premiere will raise the roof of the Alhambra on 18 June.

In Sheffield on 25 June, French and Basque performers Les Commandos Percu & Deabru Beltzak come together in an explosion of fireworks, percussion and dance.

Danbor Talka - Clash of Drums , pictured above, will see musicians parade through the crowds before performing in an enormous pyrotechnic display sending fireworks blazing across the sky.

Artistic Director, Matt Burman, said: 

"These are just three of the hundreds of performances set to fire up the county over 18 days from Thursday 16 June to Sunday 3 July 2016. These bold, energetic and exciting shows are just a flavour of what’s coming to Yorkshire next summer. We’re thrilled to be creating such a game-changing festival. We’re looking forward to showing off our epic landscape, our world class buildings and bringing these incredible performers, musicians and artists to the people of Yorkshire and the world.’’

See our full press release about them here

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We'll be loading full details of these events and many others soon - watch this space...

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